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Driveway Block Paving Services in East Anglia

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Driveway Block Paving Services in East Anglia

If you are thinking about paving your East Anglia driveway, you are not alone! Many residents are familiar with the fact that a well-paved, immaculate and appealing driveway can considerably boost the value of your property. Alongside this, a stylish yet practical and functional driveway will effectively prevent the tracking of dirt and mud into your home, saving you time on cleaning up! Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping offers driveway and block paving services for East Anglia residents, amongst our other garden and landscaping services, that can help you transform a worn-down or tired looking driveway into an ideal and welcoming approach to your home.

The effects that can be created to enhance your driveway visually are endless. Cobble sett is a time-proven and classic way to add a rustic touch, while maintaining a durable and resilient cover for your outdoor area. Block paving is a modern and clean way to ensure that all car types are catered for in your driveway, while warm or neutral sandstone can bring a welcoming touch of texture to a beautiful East Anglia property that will last through all weathers. Our friendly and professional team will always go out of our way to give you the advice you need on block paving your driveway, so that it is beautiful and lasts for many long years.

On top of this, thanks to Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping’s long-term partnership with online suppliers Paving Superstore, our professional team are proud to supply our East Anglia residents with block paving and driveway materials that are cost effective, without compromising on quality. Some of the market-leading brands that Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping are able to use for your driveway include Stonemarket, Cemex, Natural Paving, Global Stone, Brett and Paving Superstore’s unique and exemplary Pro Range. This enables us to guarantee that only the highest quality block paving will furnish your East Anglia driveway, while providing you with discounted prices.

If you’re less keen on taking care of the creative details, we at Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping are able to bring you the exclusive creative talents of the award-winning garden designer Georgina Read. Hiring a professional to take care of the creative element can have an impressive effect whilst taking some of the work off your hands. If you’d like to find out more about hiring Georgina Read’s creative design services, do get in touch or give us a phone call!

Our Process
At Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping, we’ve honed our block paving and driveway process so that it’s as hassle-free and straightforward as can be. If you’ve got a good idea of the specifics around how your completed driveway or block paving to look, we are able to work according to the precise details of any brief you provide us with. First of all, we will visit you for free at your East Anglia property to hear about your requirements and your brief for the work to be done. From here, we will proceed to measure your outdoor space and get an idea of the steps that will be required to achieve your vision. This enables us to give you a fixed and final quote for the full project, that won’t change over time. Once this is done and we have your approval for the quote, simply let us know what days you would like us to be there, and we get straight on the job.

We understand that our clients will not always have a ‘concrete’ idea of exactly how they’d like their finished driveway or block paving to look. If this describes you, you may wish to leave the creative element to our team of professional designers. When you’d like Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping to take care of the details around your driveway or block paving, we follow almost the same process as above. Rather than working from a brief that you provide us however, we’ll come to your East Anglia home and carry out a free consultation. During this consultation, we’ll take the required measurements of your outdoor area, and our designers will come up with a ‘Draft Plan’ that you are free to make changes or amendments to as you see fit. After you’re satisfied with the Plan, we can give you a fixed quotation for the whole job. Once you give us your final approval, we’ll visit you on the days you tell us are suitable, and away we go!



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