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Garden Buildings services in Dereham

Do you find it hard getting any work done from home? Or have you always wished for a separate oasis of calm where you could focus? If the answer is yes, then we may have a perfect solution for you, at the same time as improving your garden’s overall cosmetic appeal!

If you’re seeking for experienced and quality Garden Buildings installation services in Dereham, then there’s no need to look any further than Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping. The addition of well-conceived and suitable garden buildings can make a massive difference, as they add both flair and neatness through storage function.  We have undertaken numerous Garden Buildings installation projects in the Dereham area and they’ve been all different shapes and sizes! As a result we think it’s fair to say that we know our business and our customers can benefit from our knowledge!

Nowadays more and more people are working from home or at least occasionally doing so. We all know how hard it can be to find the required quiet to focus in a busy household, with domestic chores distracting you all the time! If this sounds like you, you would be well advised to look into our range of log cabins, offices and garden rooms that are perfect for creating a work haven in your very own garden! Many are large enough for a desk and chair, why not have a look now? It might be the best work decision you ever make!

Our sheds by top brands including Rowlinson, Forest, Mercia and Palmako can make a big difference also – If you’re current shed is showing some wear and tear then just imagine the impact a nice, fresh new one will make! Ideal for storage of various tools and garden equipment, a quality shed is a must. We can offer classic wood sheds, or more variety in our metal sheds and vinyl sheds, which offer the bonus of never requiring repainting!

We also offer other practical garden buildings including wheelie bin buildings, log storage units, and bike housing units. All will help de-clutter and add style and order to your garden!

There aren’t many additions that elevate a garden’s style factor as much as stylish gazebos or delightful summerhouses – They can match the rest of your garden’s look and feel but frame it all in such an appealing way. We provide these in contemporary or traditional finishes and they are built using untreated softwood, dip-treated softwood or pressure-treated softwood.

As a trusted partner of online landscaping material supplier Paving Superstore Lifestyle Paving only ever uses quality name brands such as Forest, Garden Village, Stormore, Mercia, Rowlinson and Palmako. We also offer these products to our customers at a lower cost than usual as a result.

At Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping, we create appropriate and practical finishes for your home’s outdoor area that also look great. Our experts are fully qualified and always fully dedicated to your project, which has helped us become one of the best-regarded landscaping companies in the Dereham area. Alongside this, our partnership with award-winning designer, Georgina Read, is an exclusive and elite service offered only by Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping. You can choose to employ her creative services and achieve your ideal garden! Our Garden Buildings services services don’t end there either, as we also pride ourselves in our top-notch aftercare service and providing further assistance if and when needed. So if you live in Dereham and think it’s about time you gave your outdoor area some much-needed attention, then please make the move and let us know!

Our Process

Our process for helping you to achieve suitable Garden Buildings is designed be as clear as possible. Our initial free conversation will establish whether you require our expert design services or if you have your set brief already in mind. If it’s the latter, then we get to work turning your brief into a viable action plan! We provide a free consultation and site visit, where our experts will measure up and calculate, providing you with a clear fixed quotation, not a loose estimate like other often do. Once this quotation is approved all we need to do is agree the project dates that suit you and we can get going!

Or you might just prefer to leave us to it in terms of creative input – After all, if you’re going to do it, why not do it as creatively as you can? At Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping we are happy to offer our creative design services at really reasonable prices. The process for this would be just as above, the only difference being that we would undertake an analysis of requirements at the beginning, then add our creative input and create a clear ‘Draft Plan.’ This is then our full proposal for the project which you could make amendment requests to if needed until you are completely happy to approve it all. At this point we’d then be able to provide the accurate quotation and agree the plan.



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