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Garden Buildings services in East Anglia

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Garden Buildings services in East Anglia

Long gone are the days were your garden was seen merely as the extra area behind & in front of your house. You might have used it occasionally on a hot day but no more than that…..

Nowadays gardens are considered a highly valued and essential part of our living space. A well-designed and functional garden basically adds an external room to your house, which not only enhances your living experience at home but also your property’s value. Surely that’s worth investing in?

One excellent method of enhancing your garden or outdoor area is through creative and practical use of garden buildings. If you live in East Anglia and are seeking these creative Garden Buildings services, then Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping will provide all you need! We work closely with our customers to ensure that we that meet all requirements and elevate their garden’s overall look and feel. Our previous Garden Buildings projects done within the East Anglia have been extremely varied, lending us a vast pool of experience to draw from when we work with our customers.

So what do we mean by garden buildings? Well, the obvious ones of course like sheds, but there are so many nowadays that help to update your garden. Log cabins, summerhouses, gazebos, garden rooms can all make a positive difference, not to mention various storage buildings.

Our sheds by top brands including Storemore, Rowlinson, Forest, Mercia and Palmako are ideal for storage of garden equipment, lawnmowers and DIY tools – all the stuff that clutters gardens!, We have a wide range of sheds in all different shapes and styles, including standard sheds, Kiosk-style sheds, security-style sheds amongst others. You can go for a classic wooden shed, or maybe our painted metal sheds or vinyl sheds, which never require repainting!

Contemporary or traditionally-finished gazebos and summerhouses are a great addition to any garden as they add a real touch of quirky attractiveness. Built using untreated softwood, dip-treated softwood or pressure-treated softwood, they are a relatively low-maintenance but visually appealing and practical feature.

You may well also like the look of our other practical garden buildings such as log storage units, wheelie bin buildings, and bike housing units – all help to bring order and space to your busy garden!

Whatever your garden dimensions and budget, Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping can create the ideal Garden Buildings solution that ticks all of your boxes. The fact that we enjoy an exclusive partnership with, a well-established national retailer of hard-landscaping materials, means that we gain discounted rates which we in turn pass on to our customers, which can’t be bad! This includes products and materials from top-quality brands such as Mercia, Rowlinson, Garden Village, Stormore, Palmako and Forest.

Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping has undertaken various garden building design and installation projects within the East Anglia and are very proud that their quality finish has helped contribute to our excellent reputation. In addition, all of our professionals are fully qualified and utterly committed to your project, resulting in our proud status as one of the most well-regarded and reliable landscaping companies in the East Anglia area. We also offer an additional creative design service with Georgina Read, which is an exclusive service to Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping from an award-winning garden designer. You can choose to work closely with Georgina to receive elite garden design services..

So if you live in East Anglia then why not get in touch and by early summer you could be looking out admiringly over your new and improved garden!

Our Process

Our clear process for helping you to achieve your ideal Garden Buildings services layout is designed to make sure you receive effective guidance and ideas, hopefully ensuring that it is straightforward for you to achieve your ideal garden upgrade!. Our initial free discussions will illuminate whether you require our expert design services or have your own clear brief already set. If you know what you want, then we get to work turning your ideas into a viable action plan. We provide a free consultation and site visit, where our experts will measure up and do all the calculations, providing you with a proper fixed quotation, not merely an estimate. Once this quotation is approved all that remains is for us to agree the dates that suit all parties.

Many of our customers do like to benefit from our hard-won creative expertise though – remember, it is what we do every day! At Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping we are pleased to offer our creative design services for less than you might expect. The process for this would be the same as above, the only difference being that we would complete an analysis of requirements at the start, then add our creative input and create a ‘Draft Plan.’ This would be our proposal for the project which you could amend if need be until you are completely happy to approve it all. We could then produce a detailed quotation and agree the overall plan and your improved garden moves a lot closer!



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