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Garden Design in Taverham

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Garden Design in Taverham

If you’re fortunate enough to have a property with a garden, you’ll know exactly how pleasant it can be to relax outdoors and take in some air. When our English summers finally come around, a garden can even be a beautiful place to have an outdoor lunch! With the right design, your Taverham garden can also enhance the market value of your property significantly, so it’s important to keep it looking good. At Lifestyle Paving and Landscaping, we provide garden design services, amongst our other paving and landscaping services, which will help you do exactly that.

Our Lifestyle Paving and Landscaping team are talented professionals, with specialist landscaping and garden expertise. If your outdoor space is ready for a fresher look or is seeming a little drab, we are here to help you! Have you ever wondered how lovely a pond or water feature would look in your Cambridgeshire garden? About how delightfully a raised flower bed would show off your prized tulips? Perhaps you’ve even considered putting decorative edging around your herb patch. We’re gardeners, too, so we understand, and we always aim to outdo your expectations. If you’re hoping for a fresh new spring garden, we are here for you!

Only high-quality materials are used in our designs, and because of our partnership with online suppliers Paving Superstore, we offer affordable prices for market-leading brands. We understand that an attractive garden should also be practical and last for many years. That’s why we choose materials that are durable and long-lasting, as well as being stylish. So, when it comes to your garden path, raised flower beds, stepping stones, or other features, you can put your mind at rest! We can use grey granite for character, Mediterranean paving for an exotic feel, or a natural, charmingly weathered brown slabs to create any effect you like. From clean-looking, cooler limestone paving slabs, to eye-catching decorative brickwork, we offer it all.

For a truly exceptional outdoor area, we at Lifestyle Paving and Landscaping are able to offer Taverham residents exclusive access to our expert garden designer Georgina Read. As her garden plan portfolios garden design portfolio show, Georgina has not only been creating garden sanctuaries for years, but she has also won awards for her professional garden designs. If you are interested in enlisting her creative talents for your Taverham garden, drop us a line.

Our Process

At Lifestyle Paving and Landscaping, we’ve perfected a stress-free process for redesigning your Taverham garden. To get started, we’ll give you a ring at no cost. This chat helps us find out whether you already have a clear-cut plan for your finished garden, or whether you would like us to take the creative specifics off your hands. Should you already have a brief for us, or you’ve got a definite idea of how you’d like your garden to look, we’ll pop over when it’s convenient. We will measure your outside area, and provide you with a quote for the whole process. This will cover the complete garden redesign, so you won’t have to worry about any unpleasant surprises later down the line! Finally, let us know which days are most convenient for us to get going, and we’ll get right onto it.

If you’d rather leave the creative elements of your garden design to our experts, our Lifestyle Paving and Landscaping team would love nothing more. Just tell us when we call you, and we will come over to take measurements of your outdoor area when you’ve got time. When we’ve got the relevant dimensions, our creative team will get to work designing you a flexible ‘Draft Plan’. This isn’t a final plan, and we will wait to hear and incorporate your feedback until you are good to give us your formal approval. Next, we will give you a quote for all the work. If you’re happy with this quote, then once again, just tell us when to start the redesign and we’ll get to redesigning. It’s that simple!



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