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Lawn Laying Services in Mattishall

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Lawn Laying Services in Mattishall

As Wordsworth once observed, a thriving spring lawn can be ‘a carpet all alive’ and well worth keeping in beautiful shape for the whole family to appreciate. If this inspires you, or if you’d simply enjoy a relaxing cup of tea at home in pleasant green surroundings, Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping is here to help. Having been a local provider of lawn laying services in & around the Mattishall area for many years, Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping understand that manicured, flourishing garden lawns are a source of great community pride for our residents. Because we understand, we offer a vast array of garden design and landscaping services to save you the hassle of creating your ideal garden lawn from scratch.

If you’re not keen on stripping and disposing of your old turf, we have a specialised range of equipment that we put to work while taking care of this for you. From rotavators to turf strippers and topsoil analysing equipment, Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping offers everything necessary for professional ground preparation and beyond. We will give your new lawn a healthy fresh start and long life by using only the highest calibre topsoil, fertilisers and seeded turf.

We are very proud of our talented and creative garden design team, who have been transforming Mattishall lawns for many years. Our team comprises professional landscapers, concept developers and garden experts who work together to bring your ideas to life. Design-wise, we’re also pleased to offer Mattishall residents exclusive access to creative design services by Georgina Read. Simply get in touch with us if you’d like to hear more about how she can take your landscaping to new levels!

At Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping, we are able to offer our professional, expert services for all lawn sizes and budgets. We have a partnership with online suppliers Paving Superstore that allow us to cater for all your lawn laying needs at affordable prices. At the same time, it means that we will only ever use the top quality turf and tools at all stages of the lawn laying process. Lastly, we’re gardeners too, so we appreciate the importance of proper aftercare and maintenance. We will never abandon your garden lawn once we’ve laid your lush new turf, and we go the extra mile to keep our Mattishall residents happy. If you have questions once we’ve brought your captivating new lawn to life, Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping’s professional team are always here to help you.

Our Process

Over the years, Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping have developed a simple and structured process to ensure that your lawn is laid in a smooth manner from beginning to end. We start with a free initial chat so we can hear about your ideas and vision for your garden lawn. Should you have a clear idea of exactly how you’d like your lawn to look, great! Simply tell us your specific requirements or give us a brief, and we will follow it to the letter to transform your vision into reality. On receiving your brief, let us know the most convenient times for us to start our work and we’ll be there on the days that suit you best. We’ll visit you at home at a time that suits you best and get the key specifics of your garden lawn. This helps us plan the clear steps that need to be taken, from removing old turf to laying your lush new seeded turf. Once we’ve got the key dimensions down pat, we will give you a fixed quotation that covers everything with no hidden fees. From here, simply tell us when to start and we’ll be there.

At Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping we are also professionally qualified to offer bespoke lawn laying services. These might be your preference if you have a general idea about how you’d like your garden lawn to look, but aren’t set on the precise details. In this case, our specialist designers will happily take care of the creative design and planning so you don’t have to. When you opt for our professional design services, our consultation services remain free. Instead of you designing a brief for us however, we conduct some simple measurements of your lawn and test the soil. With this information we can craft a detailed ‘Draft Plan’ that is based on the specific requirements of your garden space. From here, you can approve this plan or make as many suggestions as you see fit with minimal hassle. Everything you suggest will be carefully incorporated by our designers until you’re entirely content and ready to give us your approval. At this point, we once again give you a final, transparent and fixed quote and we’re ready to get to work! See how others have benefitted from our efforts



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