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Lawn laying services in Norwich

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Lawn laying services in Norwich

If you love sitting in the back yard with a glass of wine in the evenings, or if you have kids who need to mess around outdoors, then you might be considering having a rich and luscious green lawn laid. We all appreciate the beauty of a luscious, manicured lawn but who wants to start from scratch by having to try to resurrect your current lawn with seeding etc? Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping can help you create a splendid outdoor area with less fuss. After all, a garden is the first thing you see when you step out your door or when you finally get home after a long day at work, so why not make it as appealing as possible?

Norwich is a fitting place for a green, rolling lawn and if you’re lucky enough to live here, we can help you make this verdant lawn a reality. Here at Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping we have inspired, creative and local landscaping professionals who have been working with Norwich residents for many years. Whether your garden is petite and quaint, or spacious and wide open, we specialise in providing high quality, reliable and inspired lawn laying services to make your home beautiful.

Our team of qualified designers, landscapers and developers bring together a vast range of specific strengths and talents..We draw on these diverse skill sets all the time to inspire, plan and craft impressive gardens and green spaces the whole family can enjoy. We have extensive experience in laying lawns that we’ve nurtured since day one, meaning that we can flexibly cater for your budget size, big or small.

We believe Norwich locals deserve top quality greenery. We’ll only use the highest calibre seeded turf, so us being partnered with online supplier Paving Superstore ensures that when we are creating your new lawn, we can get the best product at the best prices.

Some of our services include the necessary stripping and removal of your old lawn, potentially full cultivation using rotavators and other tools, final ground preparation and finally the laying of the fresh new turf itself. We also provide high-quality topsoil and fertilizers to make sure that your garden lawn turf gets a head start and continues to flourish well after initially being laid.

Our whole team are also gardeners at heart, so we appreciate how important it can be to get everything just right. We pride ourselves on our ability to plan down to the smallest detail, and will work with you or for you to make your lawn happen.

When we’re at work creating your dream space, Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping are your partners. We pair your project with the most experienced designers and landscapers for your particular soil type, terrain and design specifications. You will never be out of touch or waiting for an update from your dedicated lawn specialist, and you’ll be able to ask questions or make suggestions at any time.

We never stop once your lawn is in place. Despite our regional reputation, we’re very much a community company at heart. This means we are always here for our Norwich clients, providing maintenance and support long after we’ve left your garden. If you’ve just moved in, or your lawn is getting a little thin, or if you’d like to redesign your green space radically, Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping are here to help. We do also offer an additional creative design service with Georgina Read, an exclusive service to Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping from an award-winning garden designer & landscaper.

Our Process

Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping adopt a systematic process to ensure your lawn is green, thriving and beautiful while taking all the stress of it off your hands. Our priorities are providing solid advice and years of industry experience to help you create the lawn you’ve always imagined. We chat with you absolutely free first off, to hear what vision you have for your ideal lawn, or whether you feel you’d benefit from our expert designer service. If you know exactly what you want, we get started right away to transform your lawn according to your specific instructions. Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping offers a free visit to your home and a consulting session, so we can get familiar with your lawn in terms of size and space. Once we know what steps we need to take, we give only clear and completely fixed quotations that will cover the work from start to finish with no unexpected fees. When we get your approval for this, you tell us the convenient dates for the work to be done and we get started!

Sometimes our clients have a good idea of what they’d like, but not down to the smallest detail. If you decide you’d benefit from our talented designers, Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping’s experienced designers will put their professional and in-depth expertise to work making your vision a reality. With our designers’ experience and skills, we are able to craft you something top quality and beautiful at an affordable price. When you’d like us to help design you a unique lawn, our initial discussion and consultation remain completely free. Rather than working to a provided brief however, we will measure your lawn, analyse your soil and start from there to craft a thorough yet entirely flexible ‘Draft Plan’ for you to approve. If you’d like to make some changes, our designers are more than happy to work with you to amend this until you are completely satisfied and give us your approval. From here, we can quickly give you an exact quote and confirm the plan.



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