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Lawn Laying Services in Wymondham

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Lawn Laying Services in Wymondham

There’s no better place to spend a glorious summer afternoon than in your own back garden, sat amongst the greenery with a cup of tea or a glass of wine. If your garden lawn is less than thriving, you may be interested to find out more about how a professional lawn laying service might benefit you. We’d all like a luxurious and beautiful outdoor space to call our own, yet it’s not uncommon for a lawn or it’s underlying turf to become thinning or patchy if it’s been neglected for a while. At Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping, we’ve been providing dedicated and skilled lawn laying services to help Wymondham residents overcome this problem for many years.

Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping provide a wide range of garden landscaping and design services and specialise in carrying out garden and lawn laying and improvement to take the hassle off your hands. We have a team of accomplished and experienced professional landscapers, garden experts and concept designers who collaborate to make your ideal lawn a reality. We utilise top quality equipment from rotavators to turf strippers, alongside techniques for full cultivation and soil analysis, to take your lawn from sparse and dry, to lush and flourishing. Because we know you’d rather spend your free time doing something you enjoy, we at Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping will gladly take care of this for you.

We are exceptionally proud to have a creative and adept team of garden design experts who’ve been working regularly to improve Wymondham garden lawns for years. Our design team comprises talented, artistic landscapers who can craft a green lawn haven for you when you aren’t sure of exactly what you’d like. When it comes to planning your elegant new outdoor space, we’re also able to boast exclusive access to the creative talents of professional garden designer Georgina Read. If you’d like to learn more about how Georgina can transform your garden lawn in a way that’s functional yet stylish, simply get in touch with us!

Our lawn laying services always involve only the highest quality topsoils and seeded turf. To give your lawn a glowing start and a long fertile life, we also make use of nutritious fertilisers and excellent base grass. Even better, we’re able to provide these at a price that’s affordable and won’t cost you a fortune, thanks to our partnership with online suppliers Paving Superstore. So no matter whether your lawn is large or small, whether your budget is high or low, we’re always able to offer our Wymondham residents a reliable and exemplary lawn laying service.

After we’ve laid your luscious new garden lawn, Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping are always here to help in any way we can. We’re gardeners too, so we’re always happy to hear from you should you have any questions or if your garden lawn requires some aftercare or maintainance.

Our Process

At Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping we take a straightforward but thorough approach to guarantee that laying your lawn is a smooth and hassle-free process. First off, we chat with you for free. This enables us to understand your thoughts and opinions regarding how you’d like your upgraded garden to look. If you have a definite idea of what this will be, you can provide us with a brief and we’ll get working on bringing your specific visions to life. We will also come to your Wymondham home and provide a complimentary consultation, in which we measure your garden lawn and conduct a soil analysis. These details allow us to give you a clear quotation for all the work to be done from beginning to end. Our fixed quotation will cover all the stages of turf stripping and removal to laying your fresh new lawn, and contain no unpleasant surprises or fees. Once that’s sorted, just tell us what days you’d like us to do the work and we’ll be there.

Sometimes, you might decide during our initial free chat that you’d rather leave the garden design specifics to our expert landscapers. If this is your inclination, our specialist designers are happy to put their lawn laying talents and creative skills to work to take the planning off your hands. Should you choose to leave the garden design to our professional team, our initial chat still remains free. Rather than working from a brief that you’ve created, however, we’ll carry out the same soil testing and lawn measurements before preparing you a ‘Draft Plan’ into which we’ve input our creative skills. You simply review the Draft Plan, telling us where or how you’d like to make some changes. All your suggestions will be faithfully incorporated until you’re ready and satisfied to give us the green light. With this done, we’ll prepare you a fixed quote as above. Then, let us know when it suits you for us to carry out our lawn laying, and off we go!



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