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Paving & Pathways Services Dereham

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Paving & Pathways Services Dereham

We all value our gardens and outdoor spaces and never more than in the warmer months. Traditionally the garden was just that – a garden. Nowadays though, modern life has repositioned it almost as more of an outside ‘room,’ well and truly part of your house. But as with all rooms, it demands creativity, care and attention to truly shine. So if you live in the Dereham area and your garden area is in dire need of help due to old & tired paved areas, or just requires some creative use of pathways and stone, then it is time to act!

At Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping, we totally understand how important it is to have a paved area that you appreciate, and professionally-applied and attractive pathways can also have a big impact. We can work to a specified brief or are happy to offer our creative know-how in providing your perfect pathways. Our wide range of paving & pathways services in Dereham can help transform this external area, through using professional creativity, quality natural materials and modern textures & feels. Our expertise also ensures a professional experience, with our specialists working with you to create paved areas and pathways that meet all of your requirements. We have completed a broad range of paved areas and pathways projects in Dereham so you can rest assured we have a wealth of experience to draw on when undertaking your project. Whether we make use of restored concrete or luxurious natural stone paving to name just two styles, your paved areas and pathways can be practical and stylish, not ugly and dated. We can renovate existing work or offer our skilled design services on brand new applications; either way it can make all the difference.

Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping is part of a group of companies including online paving slabs and flags supplier Paving Superstore, which ensures that when we are creating your new paved area or pathway, we only use the best brands for renovation as well as securing you substantial savings! This includes top-end brands such as Pavestone, Strata, Natural Paving, Stonemarket, Brett and Marshalls. Only with our Paving & Pathways service can you benefit from such great materials at these lower prices.

At Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping, our only aim is to create inspiring, original and well-executed finishes for your home’s external area. All of our experts are fully-qualified and committed to realising your project, helping to make us one of the most reliable and well-regarded landscaping companies in the Dereham area. As an optional extra, our customers can also choose to work with award-winning landscape designer Georgina Read and her elite garden landscaping services to transform your garden into a veritable paradise!

So if you live in Dereham and are ready to find out more, then please call us!

Our Process

The aim with our thorough process is simply to make it as painless as possible to get clear guidance on what your options are. Our initial free conversation will clarify whether you require our expert creative design services or have your set brief already in mind. If it’s the latter, then we get to work turning your brief into a viable plan of action! We provide a free consultation and site visit, where our experts will measure up and do the calculations, providing you with a clear fixed quotation, not an estimate like many do. Once this quotation is approved all that’s left is for us to agree the project dates that suit you and away we go!

However it may be that you’d just prefer to leave us to it when it comes to creative input? At Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping we are happy to offer our creative design services at very reasonable prices. The process for this would be just as above, the only difference being that we would undertake an analysis of requirements right at the start, then add our creative ingredients and form a ‘Draft Plan.’ This would be our proposal for the project which you could amend as required until you are happy to approve. Finally we’d then be able to provide the accurate & detailed quotation and agree the plan. Many do find it invaluable to have this injection of creative know-how and we understand why.



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