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Timber Construction & Decking Services East Anglia

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Timber Construction & Decking Services East Anglia

Sometimes the answer is staring us in the face when we question how to brighten up our gardens – ever heard the phrase ‘can’t see the wood for the trees?’ Well in this case maybe the solution actually is wood!  Using creative decking and timber features within a garden really can make a huge cosmetic impact on your outdoor space. If you live in East Anglia and are seeking premium Timber construction and decking services, then Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping can turn it into a reality!

We work closely with our customers to create and install Timber constructions and decking that meets all of your requirements and really helps to elevate your property’s external feel. Our past Timber construction and decking projects in East Anglia have involved many kinds of different styles, so you can be totally confident that we have a wealth of relevant experience to draw on.

We can offer various ranges of Timber construction and decking to meet your needs, adding great-looking timber features such as arbours, arches and pergolas, all fantastic additions to any outdoor area. Some use a timber garden arch as a pretty frame for the entrance to the garden or just as an attractive floral-covered centrepiece – whatever the use, they can be ideal for adding an oasis of calm and shelter to your garden. Whatever style of Timber Construction you fancy, we can bring come to life.

At Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping we also offer our top-quality Decking services. We know just how beneficial and practical a well-executed decked area can be, offering a real boost to your garden. What could be better than a summer evening amongst family and friends enjoying a BBQ and drinks on a pristine decked area where your muddy, unsightly and uneven area of garden used to be? Our quality decking provides stability, visual appeal and durability throughout our changeable seasons.

All of our Timber construction and decking products are made from quality materials that are built to last but still meet all your style needs, such as pressure-treated or tanalised softwood. Whatever your garden size and available budget may be, Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping has a Timber construction and decking solution that will be the answer for you.

We operate an exclusive partnership with, an established national retailer of hard-landscaping materials, which means that we can pass on bulk purchase discounted rates to you, our customers, which always a plus! This means that you can benefit from premium materials at a lower cost than usual. This includes products and materials from trusted brands such as Brett, Grange, Ryno Deck and Ecoscape UK. We also only utilise ethically-sourced materials for all our Timber constructions and decking, so are genuinely trying to do our bit to ‘keep things green.’

At Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping, we always strive to create quality well-executed finishes for your East Anglia home’s garden area. We appreciate what it means to you, so all of our professionals are fully-qualified, thorough and committed to your project. We feel this is the reason for our valued status as one of the best-regarded and rated landscaping companies in the East Anglia area. We do also have a little extra available, namely an additional landscape design service with Georgina Read, which is an exclusive service to Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping from an award-winning garden designer. It means you are able to work closely with Georgina to receive the very best in garden design and renovation!

Aftercare standards are also very important to us, we know how valuable it can be to have us on hand if needed…So if you live in East Anglia then why not get in touch and by the spring and summer months your gorgeous new Timber construction and decking could be in place!

Our Process

Our thorough process for helping you to achieve your ideal Timber construction and decking layout is designed to make sure you receive clear guidance and ideas, hopefully ensuring that it is straightforward for you to achieve your required outdoor space. Our initial free discussions will clarify whether you require our expert design services or have your own brief already in mind. If you know what you want, then we get to work turning your ideas into a viable action plan. We provide a free consultation and site visit, where our experts will measure up and do all the calculations, providing you with a proper fixed quotation, not just an estimate. Once this quotation is agreed all that remains is for us to agree the dates that suit us both.

Many of our customers do like to benefit from our well-established creative expertise though – after all it is what we specialise in! At Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping we are pleased to offer our creative design services for less than you might have expected. The process for this would be the same as above, the only difference being that we would complete an analysis of requirements at the outset, then add our creative input and create a ‘Draft Plan.’ This would be our proposal for the project which you could amend if need be until you are totally satisfied and  happy to approve it all. We could then produce a detailed quotation and agree the overall plan and your improved garden moves a huge step closer!



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