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Walls & Brickwork Services in East Anglia

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Walls & Brickwork Services in East Anglia

A practical, yet captivatingly stylish outdoor area can be so easily created through clever walling and brickwork. If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor area to sit in and relax during the summer, it may be time to consider sprucing up your garden space with some well-designed changes and quality materials. At Lifestyle Paving and Landscaping have been providing walling and brickwork services to help East Anglia residents redesign their garden walls and outdoor brickwork for many years, alongside our other garden and landscaping services. Whether you’re looking for sturdy yet attractive retaining walls, stylish yet functional raised seating, or even a beautiful feature wall, then our specialist team of landscapers, builders, and designers are here to help.

Colours and textures will also make a powerful impact on the mood and tone of your outdoor area. Feature walls in brighter, bolder-hued, and uniquely patterned sandstone can add warmth and a sense of cosiness to your patio or outdoor seating space. Grey, modern and simplistic walling tiles can engender a cool, spacious, and contemporary feel. Even a feature wall with decorative brickwork can make the difference between a plain garden wall and a retaining wall that is eye-catching and full of character.

Thanks to our partnership with online suppliers Paving Superstore, we are able to provide our East Anglia clients with only the highest quality walling materials from market-leading brands. Even better, we are proud to do so at an affordable price that won’t hurt your pocketbook. We can thus ensure that your beautified outdoor area will be decorated with only top quality, resilient, and long-lasting materials.

If you’re keen to hand over the creative details of your garden or outdoor area to our expert Lifestyle Paving and Landscaping design team, we’d be honoured to help. Quite often, our East Anglia clients find that a professional designer or landscaper can provide a stylish touch while taking some of the work off your hands. Simply look at our project portfolio to see some of our beautiful completed projects! We’re also proud to boast exclusive access to the award-winning garden design services of Georgina Read. f you’re interested in hiring her exemplary design talents for your outdoor walling and brickwork, simply give us a call or get in touch via our website.

Our Process

At Lifestyle Paving and Landscaping, we’ve developed a systematic and straightforward process to make transforming your outdoor space into a breeze. First up, we’ll give you a call and have a chat with you for free, so you can tell us whether you’ve decided on a fixed idea of how you’d like your outdoor walling and brickwork to look. Sometimes our East Anglia clients even have a complete brief ready for us, and sometimes they would leave the creative aspect to our design experts- both of these are just fine, too! We will then come to your East Anglia property and measure your outdoor space, so we can provide you with a fixed quote that won’t change for the entire project. Not an estimate like some other companies! After this, we’ll only need to know which days will suit you best for us to carry out your outdoor walling and brickwork work. Then off we go!

Our East Anglia clients sometimes prefer for us to take care of the creative ideas. If this describes you, our Lifestyle Paving and Landscaping design team are here to help. In this case, we’ll first pay you a visit so that we can take the relevant measurements of your outdoor space, and the area you might like to have redesigned. Then we’ll put together a ‘Draft Plan’ into which we will introduce our creative flair. We’ll show you this draft plan so that you can make any amendments or suggestions as you see fit, and will happily incorporate them until you are fully satisfied and ready to give us your ‘tick of final approval’. Then we’ll be able to provide you with a fixed quote and find out what days you’d prefer for us to work on your outdoor walling and brickwork project. Then once again, we’re ready to go!



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