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Walls & Brickwork Services in Hethersett

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Walls & Brickwork Services in Hethersett

Your outdoor walling and brickwork may take second place to your prize-winning flowers, but when they are neglected, they can make your whole garden seem drab and untidy. Beautifully walled outdoor surfaces can add life and charm to your Hethersett garden, and significantly increase the value of your property. At Lifestyle Paving and Landscaping, we offer professional, expert walling and brickwork services for Hethersett residents, as well as our wider range of paving, gardening and landscaping services.

Our Lifestyle Paving and Landscaping team boast years of experience in designing, building, and installing outdoor walls and brickwork. We’re well versed with the ways in which texture, colour, and a little bit of artistic flair can help you create an outdoor haven of your own to unwind in or show off to your guests. From retaining walls and planned, colour scheme-compatible extensions, to raised outdoor seating and feature walls, we will help you transform your weathered or unsightly outdoor brickwork or walling into something to be proud of.

Weathered sandstone walls can add some real character and a unique twist to your garden, while textured granite in a cool, muted grey can be peaceful and add a tranquil, clean feel to your outdoor seating area. If you prefer classic, rustic brickwork, or even a feature wall, we can help you create this effect, too!

All the projects we carry out for our Hethersett clients involve only the highest-calibre materials. This allows us to ensure that your garden and outdoor walling is not only beautiful and functional but is resilient and will last through all weathers. Thanks to our partnership with online suppliers Paving Superstore, we’re able to maintain this high quality by using only market-leading brands, while saving you money while doing so at affordable prices.
Should you be interested in hiring our Lifestyle Paving and Landscaping design team to take all the creative design details off your hands, we would be more than happy to help. Handing these aspects over to a specialist can not only save you the hassle of thinking through designs and materials but can also guarantee an impressive finished result. If you would like to see how our talented team of professional design specialists can transform your outdoor area into a truly beautiful space, simply have a look at our project portfolio. We’re even able to offer our clients exclusive access to the award-winning garden design services of Georgina Read, who has been beautifying Hethersett gardens for years. If you’re interested in hiring her creative flair and talent, simply get in touch.

Our Process

We’ve perfected a simple, transparent, and hassle-free process for installing your beautiful outdoor walling and brickwork. Our Lifestyle Paving and Landscaping team will call you for free as a first step, so we can have a little chat about whether you’ve got a set idea of how your completed outdoor walling and brickwork should look. If you know exactly what you’d like done, or even if you’ve got a full brief ready and waiting for us, that’s great! We will then come over to your property and conduct some measurements of the outdoor space that you’d like transformed. This will enable us to give you a specific, clear quote that covers all of the work from start to finish. No hidden fees, and no changes along the way. We’ll then be ready to find out what days you’d like us to be there to get to work on your garden, and away we go.

Sometimes our Hethersett clients have a general idea of the way that they envisage their completed outdoor walling and brickwork but aren’t too certain about the specifics. If this is the case, our Lifestyle Paving and Landscaping team is more than happy to help you with the creative side of things. The process is almost identical to the one we’ve just described above, except we will start by coming over to your property and getting a feel for the shape and size of your outdoor area. This will enable us to create a stunning ‘Draft Plan’ which features all of our creative talents. We will then make all the amendments, suggestions, or ideas you’d like to this draft plan until you are ready to give us the green light- or your final approval. From here, we’ll give you an affordable, fixed, and clear quote for the whole project, and find out what days will suit you best for us to be there and take care of the work. Then we’re ready to start!



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