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Walls & Brickwork Services in Norfolk

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Walls & Brickwork Services in Norfolk

The external walls and brickwork of your property are very often the first thing that guests, friends, and family will see when visiting you at home. Perhaps more crucially, they are the first thing that potential buyers will see if you’re looking to sell your home. A tired, worn, and dingy-looking outdoor wall can be exceptionally unappealing, but is easily fixed with professional help! At Lifestyle Paving and Landscaping, we offer Norfolk residents a wide range of landscaping and gardening services and walling and brickwork services are one of our specialities!

If you’re thinking about sprucing up your outdoor walling and brickwork, we are more than ready and able to help. We are expert designers, landscapers, and builders with years of experience in constructing raised outdoor seating areas, retaining walls, feature walls, and extensions to help you create your dream outdoor space. Warmer, rugged sandstone walling can create a summery feel for an outside seating area, while smooth, rustic brickwork will add a timeless charm to any garden wall. Even muted, neutral tones can be powerful when you use tiles to create the illusion of space in your backyard.

We will never compromise on quality when we are furnishing your outdoor walling. All our materials and brickwork comes from market-leading professional brand names, and because we are partnered with online suppliers Paving Superstore, we’re able to keep the quality high but the costs low! Lifestyle Paving and Landscaping offers a range of premium, long-lasting, and well-crafted bricks and wall tiles from industry names, which will keep your rejuvenated outdoor walling looking splendid for many long years.

If you’re not too excited about planning the design of your new outdoor walling and brickwork, why not take a look at how our excellent Lifestyle Paving and Landscaping design team can help you out? We have been designing outdoor spaces for Norfolk residents for many years and would be more than happy to take the creative details off your plate and come up with a professional, expert outdoor walling design for you. We are even able to offer you the award-winning garden design services of Georgina Read, who is well-known for her creative talents. Simply let us know if you’d like to hire her expertise!

Our Process

Because we at Lifestyle Paving and Landscaping have been working with Norfolk residents for many years, we’ve come up with a quick, smooth, and straightforward process for taking your outdoor walling and brickwork from start to finish. We’ll always call you completely free, for a start, so you can tell us whether you have a precise plan for your completed outdoor space or whether you’d prefer for us to take the creative details off your plate. If you know exactly how you would like your finished outdoor walling and brickwork to look, then we’ll come over and conduct a free consultation in which we measure the outdoor area that you’d like transformed. With these measurements in hand, we’ll provide you with a clear and fixed quote, not an estimate, like some other companies may do. This quote will apply to the entire project and not just a part- so no hidden fees! When you’ve given this quote your approval, simply let us know when you would like us to get to work on your garden and we will be there.

Our Norfolk residents often prefer for our professional design team to take care of the creative details for their outdoor spaces. If this is you, we’ll pay you a visit first at your home or property and measure your outdoor space from the first instance. We’ll then design you a ‘Draft Plan’ that we’ll happily amend and improve as you see fit. When you’ve given us your final approval, we will be able to give you a transparent and final quote, so that you will know the cost of your project and can give us the green light to start. Just tell us what days suit you for us to carry out your outdoor walling and brickwork and we’ll get right onto it.



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