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Walls & Brickwork Services in Norwich

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Walls & Brickwork Services in Norwich

Does your outdoor space need a little attention? Perhaps your Norwich backyard has lots of potential but lacks a certain lustre? If this is the case, you might be thinking about adding some life to your property’s outdoor area through walling or brickwork – If so Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping are here to help.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating an outdoor haven for your property. Whether you’re hoping to impress guests, love to sit outdoors with family, or simply want a quiet, tranquil place to relax in on the weekends, our professional team of landscapers and garden experts can provide you with expert services to help you make your vision a practical reality. Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping have provided Norwich residents with a whole range of impressive garden and landscaping services, and our walling and brickwork services are no exception.

Retaining walls, raised seating areas, steps, pillars, and feature walls are some of the ways to add a touch of style to your outdoor space. If you’re thinking of changing the mood or climate of your garden or back patio, colours and textures are a powerful way to do this, too. Warm traditional brick, cool and modern granite, unique sandstone or cladding are all various ways that your house or garden wall can be brought to life or tidied up, and our dedicated bricklaying team are able to take this job off your hands. We’re also able to extend your Norwich property’s existing theme so that your outdoor area blends seamlessly with your home’s current style.

As we are partnered with online paving slabs suppliers Paving Superstore, we’re also able to offer discounted prices on top-of-the-line brick and paving materials. From using natural beige hues to create a sense of space, to how more contemporary and low-maintenance dark tones can create a modern feel, we’ll gladly give you advice to help you dream up your perfect outdoor walling and brickwork.

Our specialist design team have years of experience installing beautiful, functional, and stylish walls and brickwork for our Norwich clients. If you’ve thought about how a decorative and eye-catching feature wall might add some character to your garden, or if you’ve always wanted a cosy raised seating area outside, our design team is able to help. We at Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping are also proud of our exclusive access to the creative talents of award-winning garden designer and landscaper Georgina Read. If you’re looking for a creative expert to take over the details for you, we do suggest you visit our website and get in touch today.

Our Process

Over the years, we’ve worked closely with Norwich residents to develop the most straightforward and hassle-free process for installing your new outdoor brickwork or walling. First, we’ll give you a call for free so you can tell us whether you have a clear plan for how you’d like your outdoor area to look, or if you’d like input from our bespoke design team. If you know exactly what you’d like already, then we’ll help you turn your brief into a step-by-step process for creating your dream outdoor space. We will visit your property for free and take some measurements of your garden so that we can provide you with a fixed quote for the whole project- not a rough estimate! When we get your tick of approval for this quote, all we need to know is the days that suit you best for us to carry out the work, and we’ll be there.

Should you prefer to leave the creative aspects to our expert design team, then Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping will be more than happy to help you craft your ideal outdoor area. For this, our process is similar, except we would start by getting the lay of your garden and any rough ideas we might have. From here, we’ll be able to work our creative magic and provide you with a ‘Draft Plan’. We’ll happily adapt and integrate this Draft Plan as per your suggestions until you are happy. Then, on receiving your final approval, we will provide you with a transparent, fixed quotation and we will be ready to start at the time that’s most convenient for you.



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