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Walls & Brickwork services in Taverham

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Walls & Brickwork services in Taverham

Are you thinking about adding some colour, style, and functionality to your outdoor area? A drab, dingy outdoor wall can be uninspiring and dull, but with some professional help, it can be turned into a beautiful feature of your garden. Lifestyle Paving and Landscaping provide Taverham residents with professional walling and brickwork services to help you transform your outdoor areas. As part of our range of wider garden and landscaping services, we are proud to offer an expert approach, high calibre walling materials, and many years of experience to take your garden from average to a personal haven.

If you like the sound of beautiful but durable outdoor walling but aren’t too eager to think about the design aspects, then our professional Lifestyle Paving and Landscaping design team will be able to assist. As our exemplary portfolio of past landscaping projects shows, we are well-versed in what it takes to construct a practical yet charming outdoor space through the clever use of quality brickwork and tiles. We can create raised outdoor seating, retaining walls, extend your property whilst retaining the current style, or even build you stunning new walls for plants and beds. We’re even able to boast the award-winning creative talents of garden designer Georgina Read, who has been turning Taverham gardens into things of beauty for many years. Please do let us know if you’d like to hire her creative talents!

With neutral-hued slate and tiles, we can spruce up a patchy or peeling outdoor wall to give it a modern or even minimalistic feel. We can use textured concrete to add a touch of character to a raised flower bed or include rustic brickwork to great effect in a feature wall. All of our materials are from trusted, reliable, and top-quality brands, so you will have peace of mind knowing that your walling and brickwork will last for years. Even better, we’re able to do so at competitive prices thanks to our partnership with online suppliers Paving Superstore. So we will never put a hole in your pocket, but we will always make your garden walling a source of pride and joy.

Our Process

At Lifestyle Paving and Landscaping, we’re proud of the simple and straightforward process that we have perfected for transforming our Taverham residents’ outdoor spaces. We will chat with you for free on the phone, first of all. This will allow us to establish whether you’ve got a set idea in place for how you’d like your completed outdoor walling and brickwork to look, or whether you’d be happier if we took over the creative side of things for you. If you’ve already got a precise brief for us, we’ll simply pay you a quick visit at your Taverham home, and take some measurements of the outdoor space that you’d like beautified. Then, we’ll be able to give you a fuss-free, clear, and fixed quote for all the work that will be carried out. Once you’ve told us the dates that are most convenient for us to carry out the work, we’ll be there.

If you’re happier leaving the creative details to our expert Lifestyle Paving and Landscaping design team, we’d be delighted to help. The process is just as simple as if you had a specific brief in place, except we would start by taking the relevant measurements of your garden. With these measurements in hand, we’ll work our creative magic and come up with a ‘Draft Plan’ for how we could use outdoor walling and brickwork to rejuvenate your outdoor space. This Draft Plan is entirely flexible, and we’ll gladly incorporate all the suggestions, changes, and amendments that you may have until you are 100% satisfied. Then we’ll be able to give you a fixed and clear quote for all the work. When you’re completely content with this, too, we’ll note down the days that suit you best for us to carry out the work. We’re then ready to go.



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