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The garden has traditionally been at the heart of the home during the summer months, the ideal gathering spot for getting family and friends together for socialising, BBQs and general get-togethers. So isn’t it time you gave the garden a suitable makeover and ensure your garden clutter isn’t in everybody’s line of sight?

At Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping we have the solution!….As reputable and professional landscapers we possess the know-how and experience to dramatically elevate your garden’s appearance. One great way to achieve this can be through adding practical but attractive garden buildings such as sheds and summerhouses, both of which make great additions to any garden or outdoor space.

Sheds are a traditional classic of any British garden and for good reason. Ideal for storing all of those vital but unsightly tools and spare bits and pieces, they are simply crucial for any organised and tranquil outdoor area! We can install classic wood sheds of all sizes, with or without windows but also vinyl or metal sheds if they suit your needs better. Some people love these for the fact they will never need repainting, plus mildew and damp are a thing of the past! Reputable shed brands such as Mercia, Rowlinson, Palmako and Forest ensure that durability and quality is guaranteed.

Our Process

Our process for helping you to achieve your ideal driveway and/or block paving is designed to make sure you receive clear guidance and advice that makes it easy for you to achieve the result you need! Our initial free consultation call will determine whether you require our bespoke design services or if you have a definite brief already in place. If this is the case then we get to work making your brief into a viable action plan! We provide a free site visit and consultation, where our experts measure up accordingly and provide you with a clear fixed quotation, not just an estimate like many companies do. Assuming you’re happy with this quotation, we simply confirm the project dates that suit and that is all done!

However if you are wanting more creative input then Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping can happily offer our design services at very manageable prices. The process for this would be the same except we would undertake an analysis of your requirements during the Spec process, add our creative input and therefore form a ‘Draft Plan.’ This would be our proposal for the project which you can make amendments to up to the point where you are happy to approve. Then we can provide a clear and detailed quotation and agree the plan together. Many customers do find it invaluable to have this creative expertise input, after all it is what we specialise in!

Either way, maybe now is the perfect time to revamp your driveway with Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping?


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We also understand the huge advantages a quality Summerhouse can provide, being a major cosmetic and functional asset to your garden. If you don’t have much space to yourself in your home, summer houses make perfect little retreats to achieve some peace and quiet every now and again. Whether you want a comfortable space to relax in and read a book, or maybe even to use as an area for your exercise equipment, summerhouses are a fantastic solution. So yes, they act as valuable storage devices but they also add so much more in terms of visual appeal. Whether made from timber or willow, roomy or compact, glazed or open, Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping can provide a summerhouse for all tastes. With trusted brands such as Mercia, Rowlinson, Palmako and Forest, quality is completely assured.

Don’t forget there are additional clever options for garden building too! Bike storage buildings provide a neat solution to avoid the kids’ bikes spoiling the garden scenery, whilst wood & log stores are nice and efficient for storage. How about hiding the dreaded and unsightly wheelie bins? You’ve guessed it, we can provide an attractive storage building to mask that too!

Ultimately our aim is to help you create an attractive yet functional outdoor space through our fantastic landscaping services. You may already have a look in mind for your garden or it might be that you would be looking to employ our creative expertise. If so, our specialist designers treat your project with great care, commitment and attention to detail.

At Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping we are regularly completing garden building projects, with the quality materials and finishes we can achieve being a major factor for our strong reputation. We feel that durability can go hand-in-hand with style and there’s no reason to accept any less.

Our previous garden building projects have included a wide range of different looks so don’t hold back, share your vision with us!

Being partnered with trusted online supplier Paving Superstore ensures that when we are undertaking your project, we only use trusted brands, as well as securing you great savings in the process.

At Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping, all of our professionals are fully qualified, hardworking and dedicated to your project, resulting in our position as one of the most reliable and trusted landscaping companies in the area. Furthermore, our partnership with award-winning designer, Georgina Read, is an exclusive service to ourselves that we offer to all our clients, if desired.

The areas we cover in East Anglia include Norwich, Dereham, Mattishall, Attleborough & Wymondham, so if you are in the area and are interested in our quality garden building solutions, please do call one of our fully-qualified professionals now.

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