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Garden Design Services

Garden Design Services Norwich with Georgina Read Design.

The way that a hard paved area intersects with soft landscaping is what will set your garden apart. We always strive to exceed expectations and excite our customers and this makes Lifestyle Landscaping the ideal landscaping partner for your project. Our Garden Design projects are usually completed in conjunction with Georgina Read Design, but this is optional, bolt-on extra for customers requiring design inspiration and planning, but is not a necessity to standard landscaping projects.

What we offer

Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping provide two categories of landscaping, general landscaping and landscape design with Georgina Read.

1) General Landscaping (with free site visit); this is our finest quality work but without the onsite input of Georgina Read. Within general landscaping we will generate a proposal with costs and make suggestions using our vast experience and based on your specific requirements.

2) Landscape Design with Georgina Read; of course the results speak for themselves, if you have the budget and would like the ultimate in garden design, then consider asking about Georgina Read landscape design.

Call us today on 01953 852139 or enquire through our Contact us page.

Planning your project

The right look for your outside space is so important and at Lifestyle Landscaping we are here to guide, recommend, design and deliver the very best outcome for your space.

Getting results

The garden design team are always on call to deliver the most exciting designs. We also have access to Georgina Read our award winning landscape designer.


Enquire Now

Lifestyle Paving and Landscapes are a professional organisation and will provide work references upon request. Our terms and conditions of payment are detailed on each job, the terms and conditions of payment will be agreed prior to work commencing, thank you for considering Lifestyle Paving and Landscaping to realise your project.

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