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Landscaping Services

Landscape and Landscaping Services Norwich

Landscaping is a broad term used for a large number of specialist services, there are two clear types of landscaping; hard and soft landscaping. Hard Landscaping relates to paving and structural landscaping techniques, whereas soft landscaping refers to plants, trees, turf and the living elements of the garden.

What we offer

Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping provide two categories of landscaping, general landscaping and landscape design with Georgina Read.

1) General Landscaping (with free site visit); this is our finest quality work but without the onsite input of Georgina Read. Within general landscaping we will generate a proposal with costs and make suggestions using our vast experience and based on your specific requirements.

2) Landscape Design with Georgina Read; of course the results speak for themselves, if you have the budget and would like the ultimate in garden design, then consider asking about Georgina Read landscape design.

Call us today on 01953 852139 or enquire through our Contact us page.

Taking your brief

We can take your brief and transform your space to make it work for you and your family. Our favourite thing to do is to help you to re-connect with your garden and to discover the space and sanctuary it can provide.

Almost any garden can be transformed with careful consideration and Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping will draw on our years of experience to really help you identify what you want from your garden, which might be a low maintenance structurally driven project or a specific water feature? Lets talk and find out – 01953 852139

Main services undertaken

We undertake all types of landscaping; Garden Design, Paving, Brickwork, Garden, Decking, Disabled Garden Services, Hard Landscaping, Pond Construction – In fact we provide all round Garden Services.


Enquire Now

Lifestyle Paving and Landscapes are a professional organisation and will provide work references upon request. Our terms and conditions of payment are detailed on each job, the terms and conditions of payment will be agreed prior to work commencing, thank you for considering Lifestyle Paving and Landscaping to realise your project.

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