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Pond and Water Features Services

Ponds & Water Feature Services Norwich and Across East Anglia

Just imagine those mild summer nights as you’re relaxing on your decked area, watching the evening sunlight reflecting off your pond and starting to doze off to the hypnotic soothing drip-drip of your new water features….Ok, you get the picture! Sounds like a blissful dream doesn’t it? But it can easily become a reality…

Ponds and water features make a brilliant addition to any garden, adding a permanent decorative touch that looks great whatever the season of the year. If you’re thinking about adding a pond or a water feature to your outdoor space, we can help. Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping, your local and professional landscapers, has the skills and expertise to transform your overall outdoor area in this way.

At Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping we are regularly completing ponds & water feature projects and it’s the creativity, quality materials and finishes we achieve that is a major reason for our strong reputation. Our goal is to help you create a stylish outdoor area with our quality Ponds & Water features services. Whether you already have creative ideas for your potential water features or are looking to use our expertise in creating an innovative look, we will treat your project with great care and attention to detail.

Our Process

Our thorough process for helping you to achieve your ideal garden water features is designed to make sure you receive clear guidance and expertise that makes it all plain sailing! Our initial free conversation will clarify whether you require our expert design services or have your potential plans pretty much in mind. If it’s the latter, then we get to work turning your brief into a viable plan of action! We provide a free consultation and site visit, where our experts will measure up and do the calculations, providing you with a clear fixed quotation, not an estimate like many do. Once this quotation is approved all that’s left is for us to agree the project dates that suit you and away we go!

However it may be that you’d just prefer to leave us to it as regards creative input – After all, if you’re going to do it, why not do it as well as possible? At Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping we are happy to offer our creative design services at very reasonable prices. The process for this would be just as above, the only difference being that we would undertake an analysis of requirements at the outset, add our creative input and form a ‘Draft Plan.’ This would be our proposal for the project which you could amend accordingly until you are happy to approve. At this point we’d then be able to provide the accurate quotation and agree the plan. Many do find it invaluable to have this injection of creative know-how and we understand why. Either way, is now the time to transform your outdoor area with Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping?


Enquire Now

Professionally-done and appealing ponds & water features can make a huge difference, whether just cosmetically or in ensuring that you can enjoy the view of your prized garden more!

We can work to a specified brief or are can be employed to provide our creative expertise in providing your ideal water features. Our previous water feature projects have included all types of styles and themes and our experience guarantees a professional experience, with our specialists working with you to create results that satisfy all of your requirements.

As an official partner with online supplier Paving Superstore we will create your new updated paradise using only trusted brands for renovation, as well as securing you substantial savings in the process.

At Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping, we aim to create inspiring, original and well-executed finishes for your home’s outdoor area. All of our professionals are fully-qualified and dedicated to your project, meaning we’re one of the most reliable and trusted landscaping companies in the area. We also offer a unique landscape design service with Georgina Read, an exclusive associate with Lifestyle Paving & Landscaping and an award-winning garden designer. You can choose to work closely with Georgina to receive the ultimate in garden design and renovation.

Our Ponds & Water features services don’t end there either; we also pride ourselves in our aftercare service and providing further assistance as needed.

The areas we cover in East Anglia include Norwich, Dereham, Mattishall, East Anglia, Attleborough & Wymondham, so if you are in the area and are interested in our quality ponds & water features services, you can call one of our fully qualified professionals today.

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